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Here at The Nursing Bible, we serve those attracted to a career in nursing, whether the idea is brand new or a long-time calling. The nursing profession boasts a breadth and depth that makes it a rich and exciting calling, yet this very complexity can overwhelm students looking for direction. For them, The Nursing Bible serves as a trusted guide.

A primary part of our mission here is to help students investigate different nursing careers. By providing information and insight, The Nursing Bible helps its visitors find careers that lead to fulfilling and rewarding professional lives. After discovering the right career, site visitors can sort through different degree and certification possibilities, and then find the school and nursing program best suited to career needs. Prospective students will learn what to look for in programs and institutions, becoming savvy education consumers.

Along the way, The Nursing Bible will shine a light on the opportunities to be embraced, the challenges to be overcome and the pitfalls that must be avoided to fulfill the dream of becoming a nurse. With expert and relevant information catering to those just starting out, The Nursing Bible is the destination for anyone who hears the call to nursing.


To make the best decisions you need information. It can’t be just any information and it can’t be bulk information. The best decisions use relevant, narrowed and prioritized facts. Unfortunately, finding, sifting and sorting through all the information out there on schools, nursing and nursing programs is a daunting prospect.

Here at The Nurses Bible we know that. Our rankings are dedicated to cutting through information overload. By vetting educational institutions and programs and then ranking them, The Nursing Bible helps our visitors more easily and quickly compare and contrast their choices.

The choice of a nursing program will shape the career that follows. With today’s nursing profession attracting so many promising students, schools — not all of them good — see an opportunity to swell enrollment numbers. Our vigilance and rankings protect and promote our website visitors’ best interests.


Our features section helps budding nurses become involved in their chosen field. The stories spark interest, showing students the exciting developments unfolding in medicine. We cover stories such as trends in treatments and peek inside industries such as pharmaceuticals. By providing this supplemental content, The Nurses Bible aims to enrich students’ education, provide a context for studies, and create nurses in the know.

Such immersion through exploration is something that all medical professionals practice throughout their lifetimes. The medical field is ever-evolving, which means that a nurse is ever-evolving as well, always on a journey of discovery. The Nurses Bible is your guide.